Join The Speedy Publishing Affiliate Program

Join The Speedy Affiliate Program


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Once you register to become an affiliate you are automatically signed up in our JV Program.

Team Speedy (Contact Info: / skype: speedypublishing)

SALES FUNNEL: Using four great ways to access Speedy Publishing users have no issues purchasing at least one method to access the program. This means that the traffic that you send is FOUR TIMES more likely to join our membership.

SALES FUNNEL: 20% Starting Commission

  • Test Drive Speedy Publishing: $17 (50% Commission or $8.50 Affiliate Revenue)
  • Monthly Membership Package: $47 (25% Commission or $4.25 Affiliate Revenue)
  • Yearly Membership Package: $297 (25% Commission or $4.25 Affiliate Revenue)
  • Lifetime  Membership Package: $497 (25% Commission or $4.25 Affiliate Revenue)


There are several reasons why your subscribers will absolutely love Speedy Publishing. First, Speedy Publishing contains more step-by-step self publishing training — Tutorial Videos + PDF Guides than any other self publishing site!

These over the shoulder tutorials avoid the fluff and explain how to take self publishing to the next level and teach you how to use tools, tips and strategies to boost royalties.

With bonus savings from companies such as Adobe, Andromo, PRBuzz, PR Newswire and other partners essential for self publishing subscribers will absolutely love what Speedy Publishing Offers.

Free Software includes one of the most revolutionary research tools for self publishers and an awesome formatting tool software that creates books for all retailers, from Kindle to Apple iBooks.

As if that wasn't enough, we’re offering 4 levels of membership from monthly to lifetime access to this entire video training, software and services package, which will add yet another layer of value and increase conversions and EPC’s for you!

* New Training Videos added each month, with cutting edge book marketing and training salaries.

30% OF ALL SALES: ($14.10 -$59.10 net commissions per sale).
IMMEDIATE PAYMENT - Commission is split immediately at Point of Sale. (Fastest payout With Zaxxa).
RECURRING INCOME: You earn monthly commissions - for life as long as the subscription remains active.


All of your leads will be hard-cookied via our Zaxxa affiliate system to YOU, meaning that you’ll be receiving commission for all future product purchases made by your traffic moving forward. As you know, we’re always launching and paying out lifetime commissions!

We can give you access to the product. We provide access 1-to-1 with a username and password. Please just ask! You will have your own login account and we will provide access to the member’s area so that you can see how everything is presented and look through the materials for yourself. We can also provide access to any of our other products, including other super popular products. Again, just let us know.

Speedy Publishing has paid out approximately $250,000 in commissions to our partners and affiliates. We estimate that the membership program will bring in over $50,000 in monthly residual commissions.

Promoting Speedy Publishing could not be easier with banner headers and images showcasing our products and services along with swipe emails. Get started almost immediately by copying and pasting swipe emails in any autoresponder and email management system.

Click Here To Download Banners  |  Click Here To Download Swipe Emails

Our JV partners and affiliates get 20% of all membership sales.

Furthermore payouts are immediate so no waiting on lengthy payouts.

Get Started Right Now!

This is the easiest way to release your own marketing monster machine. By signing up, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Do not to use, spam or use your affiliate on unsolicited webpages designed for this purpose.
  • Do not make claims that are not true about Speedy Publishing, the products and services that we provide or our staff and Team Members.
  • You must comply with all FTC guidelines by using ONLY ethical affiliate marketing practices. If you are unsure please visit .

Signing up is a simple 2-step process…

First, get your affiliate links by signing up with our payment processor Zaxxa
Just click here and fill out the form:


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